Cleaner Corn for your Corn Burning Stove and Corn Furnace.


The Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner

The Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner is considered by many to be the finest corn cleaner of it's type on the market today.  The Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner is manufactured with care and quality in the United States.  Using exacting specifications, you can be assured that your Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner will clean your corn for your corn burning stove or furnace, and look good for years and years.   Additionally, the screens in the SHUR-KLEEN grain cleaner are laser cut out of heavy steel sheeting, and will never wear-out, plug, or sag, like the wire material used by our competitors. 
Here is why you need the Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner:

Corn burns better when it is clean going in!

1.  Corn stove and corn furnace manufacturers recommend using clean corn in your corn stove. 

2.  Clean corn creates a more efficient burn and produces less ash.   Cobs, stalks, silks, "bees wings," and other fines can clog, jam and damage moving parts and  feeder assemblies of your corn stove. 

3.  Dirty corn can also cause a lesser quality burning of the corn.   A "cold fire" will not burn efficiently and heat well. 

4.  A corn cleaner will pay for itself over and over again by increasing the amount of BTU's you can get from your clean corn.

Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner
Note:  Cleaners are now Galvanized Steel Finish WE ARE SOLD OUT! $359.00

More about the Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner:

  • These screens have a lifetime warranty. 
  • The top screen will seperate your larger pieces from your corn. It is easy to remove if you do not need it. 
  • It has 1/2" square hole and is angled to allow even flow. 
  • There is a small blower that blows your lighter foreign material through the screens. Otherwise dust and beeswings tend to stay airborne and finally settle out with your corn. 
  • The cleaner is 48" tall and 14" x 14" square. It is easy and affordable to ship any where in the country. 

  • The Shur-Kleen corn cleaner is the best corn cleaner on the market of its kind that efficiently and quickly cleans your corn for use with your corn stove or corn furnace.
  • The Shur-Kleen cleaner was precisely designed for the corn stove or corn furnace owner. 
  • The screens on the cleaner may be exchanged with different size in a matter of minutes. Also the screens are laser cut out of 18 ga. steel sheeting. 

  • Your product will not plug up the screen like it does the wire screens. 
  • Our Cleaners now come in galvanized steel finish for even great durability and finish quality.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Is there any assembling required?
A.  You do have to mount legs and the blower. It is easy to assemble, you only need a screw driver.  It is easy to do and takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Q:  Is there a warranty on the Shur-Kleen corn cleaner?
A:  The cleaner has a one year warranty on the parts.

Q:  Are spare parts available?
A:  We carry a full line of spare parts, as well as accessories for our equipment.

Q:  Is any maintenance required on the Shur-Kleen corn cleaner?
A:  Very little maintenance and cleaning required for this cleaner.  Our screens generally stay clean compared to our competitors.

Q:  Can I use any type of corn in the Shur-Kleen corn cleaner, or do you recommend a specific type?
A:  Yes, you make clean any kind of corn with this cleaner, as long as they are shelled corn.  Of course the drier moisture content the corn is, the better it will flow through the cleaner and burn in your corn stove.

Q.  How many bushels an hour will this cleaner clean?
A.  You can clean between 100 to 120 bushels per hour.

Q.  What is the blower for on the cleaner?
A.  The blower blows the dust and "beeswings" through the bottom screen. Dust tends to cling to the kernel.

Q.  Where does the fines/dust go?
A.  The fines drop out at the bottom center of cleaner.

Q.  Does the cleaner create a lot of dust?
A.  Any cleaner will create some dust, however with this cleaner you may control this. You may slow air intake with the blower damper.

Order the Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner:

Order the Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner today for just $359.00.  Order before 7 p.m. on  and Shipping is FREE*!


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Top Screen of
                    Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner

Clean Corn
                    Discharge of Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner

People who have purchased the Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaner
say the following:

"This is one sturdy corn cleaner that works well."
John from Ohio

"This is just what I was looking for!  It does a great job cleaning the corn for my burner."
Leo from Missouri
"Before the cleaner, I was not able to use my stove at settings higher than medium.  With cleaner corn I can use the high settings for more heat without problems."
Kitch P. from New York
"I can't believe the dust and fines coming out of my corn, even when the corn appear clean this cleaner manages to get dust from somewhere."
    Mike W. from Michigan
"My corn IS as clean as IT could be after this unit is through with it." 
    Jeff from Iowa 
"I am simply amazed how well this cleans and how easy it is to use."
    Rich from Illinois 
"I bought this cleaner to take out dust and fines from corn and does it ever."
    Bill from Kansas
"I bought one for myself to see how it works and being a corn stove dealer I can finally sell a cleaner to my customers that I know works."
    --Delvin from South Dakota 

    Shur-Kleen Corn